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Welcome to the Conceptbox of Program Management, an online resource, special edition for Program management tools, methods and theories. The definition of a Program is, that a Program contains a group of related projects which are managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control of the overall outcome. This approach would not be possible by managing these projects individually, without the umbrella of a program. Program may include elements of related work (e.g., ongoing operations) outside the scope of the discrete projects in a Program.

The concepts are organized in the following table and are diversified through their influence area. This page is mostly oriented for project, program and portfolio management information-seekers students or advanced project practitioners.

Table 1.-Project aspect:PROGRAM MANAGEMENT
Enabler Content
Program Management Application aspects
The Role of Program Management in an Organisational Change Value Stream Mapping in Program Management
Analysis of the current state Kotter's 8-Step Change Model as a tool in Program Management
Stakeholder Management in Change Programs Roadmapping in Program Management
Integrating Mindfulness in Project and Program Management
Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)
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