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Link to external mediawiki help page Help Content


Becoming a user

To become a user of this account and be able to edit and add information you must request an account, you do this in the upper right corner of this page by clicking create account. When requesting an account you do not need to fill in all the information asked, only you user name, e-mail and real name and alsoo under personal informatio shortly state your relation to this wiki e.g. are you a student of the APPPM course, a student at DTU, interested party etc.

Creating a page

To create a page follow these steps: 1. Write the potential name of your page in the search box in the upper right hand corner 2. Press go 3a. If the page does not exist press the link to create the page 3b. If the page does exist have a look at the page,

  • If the topic is what you wanted to write about, talk to Christian or Josef
  • If the page is not the topic you wanted to cover design a new name for the page and go back to step 1

4. Start writing on the page

Adding Categories to you page

You can add categories, which act as key words, to you page by typing in [[Category:''category name'']] e.g. [[Category:Programme Management]].

Its typical to write these at the bottom of the page, but you can place the text where ever you want to Already a number of categories exists, but if you want to add a new category just type in the code with the category name you think is missing, save the pagse, then follow this category link you have created and create the category page. If you want to add a subcategory, do the same, but when creating the subcategory page, edit the text and write [[Category:''name of category that you want this category to be subcategory to'']]

Existing Categories

To check the existing categories, please go to Categories or follow the link in the navigation panel. The categories you can see here are the assigned categories, to see the categories with no assigned pages go to Unused Categories

Formatting and adding items to your page



  • Images editing link: Images
    • Code: [[File:example.jpg]]


  • EmbedVideo editing link: Videos
    • Code: {{#ev:youtube|video URL}}
    • Code: {{#ev:youtube|video url|1000|right|Let eet GO|frame}}


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