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Review by Emmha

  • I will review what you have now, because we have to deliver the review before midnight today.
  • For the abstract you can do a brief clear explanation of what Scrum is and where it is used. In other words it is a summary of the most important parts of the article.

Murcs - Thank you for the input I have done what you suggested

  • In the overview that you have created, I would say that in the paragraph ‘What is Scrum’ you would also explain what it is not. In this paragraph it would also be nice to state how it relates to project management to relate it directly to the course.

Murcs: Done

  • For this type of article, I think it is nice to do a detailed example to explain the use of all the explained steps. I will also recommend for you to use a lot of illustrations. The visual helps the reader to quickly frame the process and how it works. Especially use visuals in the explanation of the different roles paragraph.

  • Finally you could do a discussion of situations where Scrum is not useful or present cases where it went wrong or good and why it went that way.

Murcs: I did a paragraph on where it is not a good idea to use Scrum and came with an example

Review by Violet

About the structure of your contents in your wiki article, I will say that I like the fact that you have include a historical background of your topic. In this section I like how do you reference and write it in an engaging style. Respect the rest of your content list, I will suggest to add a discussion and also a problem definition if you have

When you will develop further your wiki article, I will suggest to add some visual illustration like charts or figures. I will also suggest to format your headlines according to your content list table. Murcs: I have tried to add some visuals, but it is quite hard to find things that really visualize scrum

About the content of your wiki article, here I have some suggestions:

  • For which kind of projects, scrum doesn't work?

Murcs: I gave an example

  • Why scrum doesn't use Gantt Charts?

Murcs: I tried to explain it

I have also some doubts about the article like:

  • On the last paragraph of **what is scrum** is it possible to rewrite in the way that you tell story which relates the scrum roles and the scrum framework. May you explain the reason why you focus on those aspects later on?

Murcs: I think I cleared it up

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