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Here are some topics that Josef thinks are awesome.

For all topics, please check the Concept Box linked from the Main_Page if the topic already exists. You are very welcome to address a topic that is already there and focus on an aspect that is not yet covered.

In general, I strongly recommend focussing your Wiki-article on a specific tool. So instead of, say, trying to write about "risk management", write about "Monte Carlo Simulations for Cost Estimation" (risks in project -> risk management -> risk assessment -> quantitative methods -> Monte Carlo simulation -> Monte Carlo for Cost Estimation). At that level of detail, it will be much, much easier for you to write actionable advice with good examples.

My wish-list:

  • Any specific method dealing with risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, risk treatment, risk monitoring in the context of project, program and/or portfolio management.
  • Any method dealing with the implementation and continuous improvement of risk management processes
  • Any method addressing resilience in the context of project, program and portfolio management
  • Any method that explicitly addresses risks, uncertainty, ignorance or ambiguity in project, program or portfolio management processes
  • Any method helping to address uncertainty-related decision making biases

If you are not impressed by my focus on risk, I suggest to review the table of contents of the project, program and portfolio management standards that we share as part of the course literature. You can also dive into the various process frameworks introduced in the standards. Again, my recommendation is to pick a particular method, and not try and write about "project controls" in general.

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