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Grammar and spelling: Is the text readable and free of formal errors? LBH: - The gramme is en general fine.

Structure and logical flow: Is every part of the article informative and necessary to communicate the core message? LBH: - The Introduction/Abstract is more an introduction than an abstract. I would suggest to change it more into an abstract, which is the demand from the teaches. The section "Goal herierchy in program" Could almost just be put in front of the Introduction/Abstract and used as the abstract. - Be more explicit in the abstract of what it is you want investigate.

What do you like? LBH: - Good and relevant subject.

- What should be improved, and how? LBH: - Te article is not quite finished, but the structure seams good. So just fill out the sections created. Insure that all the sections are connected and supports the one purpose of the article.

Content: Is the article convincing? LBH: - It needs to closer to being finished to elaborate upon this.

Is it complete? Is it relevant an “deep” enough? LBH: Not complet. Needs more depth, but is indead relevant.

What parts do you like? LBH: - The section "Goal herierchy in program" and "Limitation"is good.

What parts need to be improve LBH: - More clarity of the purpose of the article in the abstract and throughout the article.

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