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Josef: Hello, thank you for the abstract. "Multi project management" is a fairly broad category. I suggest that you re-think after todays program management lecture if you would like to take a program management or portfolio management angle. All the topics you raise are relevant, but there are also potentially a lot more that you could cover. So it is not entirely clear to me why you chose that particular subset. I would suggest to either focus on one particular aspect, or provide a more high-level overview that can then be "complete". Also please make sure to follow the suggested structure.

Reviewer 3: Alise

  • A well-written article and nice structure.
  • I don’t think you should use “I” and “we” in the article. It is supposed to be objective, and makes it look less professional. Tried to solve it.
  • Try not to use questions. Try to structure it in a different way. Supposed i tried but i kept one and put it in bold after other feedback
  • I like the sentence you use to explain the difference. But since you have made it such a big deal, maybe use the italic or bold to highlight it.Done
  • Try to stay away from words like “actually”, “just” and “only”. Depending on how they are used in a sentence it may not sound very professional. Tried to to it
  • What are the 2 steps before reaching a Program Management point of view? Tell the reader where he or she will read about it. Done
  • I like the pictures and how they relate to the text. They are not, however, directly mentioned in the text. Done
  • Earlier, it was not right to start a sentence with “and” or “but”. This has changed, but you might just be aware of it and not use it all the time.
  • Some sentences are very long. Try to shorten them.
  • Remember references! Done

Wiki feedback From s117318

  • Nice figures
  • Great structure, easy o follow the topics
  • Figure 1 could fit into the text Done
  • For this sentence: In multiple project management, I will study the management of the schedules (Try to avoid using "I") Done
  • Try to avoid using words as "actually". Done
  • Easy to understand
  • Create References to Figures you have added and tell why you have added these. Done
  • Be specific, fx. Now, we will stop to see (Remove this, and write something more specific) tried to do it
  • Perhaps a brief discussion/conclusion?
  • Make this setence with bold or as SubTopic: How Program Management can solve some uncertainty problem in a MPM? Thank you after thinking it was a great advice
  • An idea: 4. Limitations of Program Management approach

4.1 Inability to “stick” with the project scope: 4.2 ecc..

  • Be aware of adding more words.
  • Be aware of gramma,
  • Could Link to other Wiki Articles, like Project Management Done
  • Remember References Done
  • Remember bibliography Done

Wiki feedback from s142823

  • Very interesting topic, it seems a bit challenging to cover within 3000 words but apparently you succeeded : reading your article hold the attention and it gives the feeling to learn a new concept
  • Some grammatical mistakes
  • Layout and article structure globally pleasant
  • Try to be more objective in the article, avoid the words such as “I”, “me”, or even “you”. Tried to change all of these
  • Try to avoid words such as “actually”, or “but” too often. Tried to change all of these
  • Nice and clear pictures, but they should be more introduced and linked in the text Done
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