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Josef: Thank you, I like the idea for your article. I feel that for your article, you can either follow the "case study" or the "method" structure (as you could frame it from either perspective). Make it clear what is the particular challenge of startups. Also, some people may disagree that startups have a broad portfolio, instead one could argue that they typically focus on a single idea. So just state/explain what "type" of startup you are considering.



Reviewer 1, s121408

This review is done to the article accessed: 12:56 22/09/2015


  • I have found a chaotic position of plots and not proper size, but I have the impression you are still working on that.
  • The size of the article is only 1300 words
  • It is important to write the references.
  • Punctuation mistakes: “failure, But”, B should not be capital letter.


  • I see many interesting features of the article, but I miss some connexion, for instance I watched a video of Steve Jobs but no explanations of why it was there or your interpretation about what he said.
  • There are chapters such as Project/Program Prioritisation and SCRUM in Product Development Startups which are not explained.
  • I wonder how the selection and order of the topics is done. They are all very interesting but I do not see a clear link or flow in the article to jump from one topic to another.
  • The chapter “Effects of not having a Portfolio Management strategy” is not targeted to Startups. Do not know if you want to leave like it as something general or to explain it from a Startup perspective with some examples or explanations
  • It is very interesting to include the organization but there is no mention of portfolio management in organization even though the main topic is Portfolio Management in a Startup.
  • I would include a bit more topics and concepts from the slides given in class.

REVIEWER 2 - Jejenji

  • The topic is interesting because it describes actual issues that occur in Star-ups. In few years we could be managers of those start-ups so it’s directly correlated to “our future”.
  • I find the intro a bit unclear and too general. From my point of view you should take into account all the paragraphs. The intro it’s a sort of sum up of the whole content.
  • You should avoid the usage of suspension points in an academic article.
  • To better underline definitions you could use italic
  • Very clear and useful the part of organisational structure
  • Steve Jobs speech is really interesting. Perhaps you should include a written part regarding the video otherwise it seems a bit disconnected.
  • Absence of reference within the text
  • Some paragraphs are still missing and getting the overall message is a bit hard
  • Some figures aren’t explained. You should include an explanation of them, to have a better flow of your article.
  • I can see into the brackets some comments about adding examples. That’s totally useful to improve the article.
  • The paragraph “effects of not having a portfolio management strategy” seems a bit opposite of what you stated at the beginning such as it’s important to have PPM.


  • It’s hard to say if the article follows the method structure. It’s partly unfinished. Overall I would say that the written parts are relevant to describe the Portfolio Management.
  • Few grammar errors.
  • Figures headings should be included in the text. Perhaps adding extra description of them within the text would be great.
  • Formatted properly.
  • Absence of conclusion


  • It does relate to PPPM
  • The length of the article is shorter than the expected 3000 words.
  • The flow is a bit poor but it’s because some paragraphs are still missing.
  • Reference materials are ok but they are not insert in the text.
  • Absence of annotated bibliography
  • To improve you article you should add examples and extra explanation. Through this personalisations your article will be easier to understand and more interesting.

Reviewer 3, S150931

  • General suggestions
    • Very interesting topic
    • Interesting use of “Background” to position the reader
    • High potential work in progress
    • Should not use “…” seems informal (unless it is intentional at this fase to show that more development is being prepared)
    • Could be better organized (text, figures and video)

  • Formal aspects:
    • I believe it is not a study case
    • video is not linked to the text and has no explanation
    • The article can benefit from a better structure between topics, text and figures/video, instead of long paragraphs

  • Content aspects:
    • The article is still a work in progress, for this reason the length is not appropriate
    • The sources lack summaries
    • Not copy paste

Thanks for the feedback

Thank you all 3 for the feedback, it has been very useful. As you could notice, when you did the review I was still working on my article. I needed to find interesting papers and read them carefully to talk about something that I find very interesting, but I didn't know by forehand. When reading your reviews, it helped me to focus more my article and pay more attention to the details. I corrected all the formal mistakes that you commented, and I have tried to improve the content in the guidelines that you exposed, but of course, it is a very wide topic and with the amount of information available I could write a book. Finally, I decided to focus on some aspects of the project portfolio management in a Startup, also because I reached 3000 words and I could keep writing, but I had to stop at some point. I have written this article always from the point of view of a Startup, but of course, the methodologies that I have used can be applied in many different contexts and organisations. At the end, is just a little compendium of good practices for startups that want to design their tailor-made PPM, but this article can help them to see a picture of "where to start from". I hope you enjoyed the reading and I invite you to send me any comments or thoughts that you may have. Again, thank you for your review.


Lluís Sala

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