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Grammar and spelling: Is the text readable and free of formal errors? LBH: - The gramme is en general fine.

Structure and logical flow: Is every part of the article informative and necessary to communicate the core message? LBH: - Be more explicit in the abstract of what it is you want investigate. More than just the examples. - Second sections headline, is it really called "the big idea"? - Section "Create a vison", edit the bullet setup. It is a little confusing as it is now.

What do you like? LBH: - Good and relevant subject and good use of examples. - What should be improved, and how? Insure that all the sections are connected and supports the one purpose of the article.

Content: Is the article convincing? LBH: - Semi. More clarity of the purpose is needed, but if this is defined it will be.

Is it complete? Is it relevant an “deep” enough? LBH: More detain of the topic would favour the article.

What parts do you like? LBH: - The section with exampels and limitation is good.

What parts need to be improve LBH: - More clarity of the purpose of the article in the abstract and throughout the article.

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