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Feedback from Tallimac

  • "The method addressed by the headline is Value Stream Mapping" A bit weird formulation as a headline cannot address anything. You decide what the article is about and you write it not the headline :)
  • really good to tell about the VSM and compare it with the VSA - Maybe tell about what came first and how is the one thing developed from the other
  • Remember to put in references especially where you define what what VSM is and where you also define other stuff
  • This is done like this [1]. If you use the same ref again just type this [1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 What

  • I hope you will do great but i have no chance of giving you more feedback right now

Comments from "Pppm student"

  • The pointed sections seems nice and would have been interesting to read. Especially the example would be nice to get to know the method.
  • It would be nice for the reader if the VSA and VSM are explained simply in the start of the introduction, but maybe it is not done so far.
  • Again it would be good with more then the abstract and very short introduction.

Response to the Peer Reviews

To Tallimac

  • The headline issue has been solved by reformulating the section
  • The difference between VSA and VSM has been farther distinguished
  • References have been made
  • References have been made

To PPPM Student

  • The plan about examples has been rejected, because of property rights everywhere
  • VSA/VSM has been described briefly in the introduction
  • The article has been extended in quality and quantity

Thanks for your reviews!

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