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The requirements for the articles written in previous Terms (2014, 2015, 2016, Jun 2017) were not the same as for Fall Term 2017. Please make sure you read the requirements for your own fall term carefully before starting your wiki article.

Please complete this table with your group number, full name, username and the title of your article.

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Overview of 2017 Wiki articles

June 2017 Wiki Articles
Group number First name Second name User name Link to article
8 Malyn Jørgensen Malyn Construction Contract Management Guidelines and Administration
4 Javier Durá María Jaduma Delphi Method (expert for identification)
2 Cornelis Johannes Jongenelen CJJongenelen Stage-Gate Process
4 Waqas Khalid waqaskhld Concept of Risk Quantification and Methods used in Project Management
9 Thomas Reigstad Thomas Reigstad Quality Control in Construction
GN Karlotta Thorhallsdóttir S162285 Impact and Probability in Risk Assessment
GN Guillermo Altuna Faus Galtunaf RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA)
4 Bjarke Schjødt Rasmussen Schjodt92 Project Performance Management Scorecard
8 Marion Chambon s172284 HAZOP method, deviation analysis
8 Davide Morbin Davide Kaizen Week
GN Ignacio López Cabañas S161357 PERT
7 Leon David Schleer LeonS Project Manager Competencies and Personality Types
GN Pascal Trebin Pascal Kano model
2 Michael Kirkeby Hansen Mikirkeby Scenario Analysis
7 Julian Ofenstein Bekis Waterfall vs. Agile Methodology
1 Kamma Christensen Kamma Change order
5 Alexandra Darmaraki s162578 Scenario Planning Strategy
3 Eyðbjørg Amanda Petersen EAP Feasibility Study
5 Iason Divanis Iason Divanis Dynamic Systems Development Method(DSDM)
2 Signe Risager s163071 Teamweek (virtual resource management tool)
11 Erik A. Heggstad Erikheggstad Stage-Gate Model
GN Philip van Berkom PA Contingency
GN Apostolos Bougas S162469 Decision Tree
11 Paolo Meneghini Paolo M The procurement process
3 Ragnheidur Ragnarsdottir S161269 Benefits Map
3 Thorunn Sif Ingimundardottir Thorunn MBTI
2 Sophie Emilie Smietana SophieEmilie Agile Methodology
5 Thomas Engelhart Engelhart DICE Framework
3 Nathalie Lückstädt Nielsen S130038 Scope creep
11 Eleni Pagoni Ele The Stage-Gate Model
11 Konstantinos Vontas Konstantinos Project Control
5 Emmanouil Psomas Manolis Decision-making skills in project management
GN Ingvild Reine Assmann Ingvild Assmann Muda, Mura and Muri
11 Javier Gumà S161631 Simon's four levels of control
GN Christina Diget Christiansen S160541 Lean Construction on Bispebjerg Bakke
10 Nikoleta Kolitsopoulou - Maridaki Nikoletta Roles and responsibilities
7 Matthis Hanstein Matthis Communication with public stakeholders on the femern link project in Germany
6 Patrick Grimm S161459 SMART goals in project planning and performance management
7 John Gomes S161001 Design Structure Matrix and its application in project communication
6 Hani Selim s135278 Project Scope Control
9 Anders Stig Pedersen S124052 Project Network Diagram
10 Timokleia Orfanidou S155592 Situational Leadership II
4 Gudmann Tommy tg_dk "Interpersonal skills of a Project Manager"
4 Gudjon Arngrimsson Gudjon Expectations Management
6 Victor Aguasca Lloberes S161321 Performance Measurement and Performance Management
3 Asger Fuhr Høyer Asger Antifragility
1 Klavs Skovby Klask Decision Tree: Risk & Opportunities
1 Nicolaj J. B. Thomsen Kittymaumau Pro-active: Risk and Opportunity Management
7 Laurens M. van der Schaft s172077 Implementation of BIM as communication tool for construction site operations
8 Thuritha Ravindran s123252 Digitalisation of the construction industry
GN Rune Nedergaard RRN Case Study: Updating Airplane Tracking Systems in the Australian Defense Force
11 Ioanna-Eleni Vasilopoulou Ioanna-Eleni Vasilopoulou Balanced Scorecard in Project Portfolio Management
6 Maria Barba Garcia MariaB Omnichannel strategy
1 Frederik Lybek Lind Frederik Lind Decision tree
1 Alisha Patnaik Alisha.patnaik Critical Path Method (CPM)
6 Patricia Máñez Aleixandre Patriciamanez Schein's model of organizational culture
4 Niels Mikkelsen Niels Servant Leadership
GN Einar Loktu ELoktu Lean construction, takt time planning
10 Edvinas Zamaratskis Edvinas Risk tolerances
2 Lea Glahn Christiansen LeaGlahn Jung's personality Theory
2 Karoline Holm Hansen Karoline Fishbone diagram
9 Thomas Sotiriadis ThomasSot Theory of Constrains Manufacturing Systems
9 Rick Kool Rick Kool Collaborative_Tendering
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