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Below the main categories of Project Management are grouped following the same criteria used in the ConceptBox.


Scope Management consist in processes which help managers define the scope of a project, understanding what should be included and what is not part of the deliverables.

Scope Management Resources

Business Case allows to comprehend wether a project is desirable, viable and achievable.

Business Case Resources

Progress Management is vital to get information on how the project is performing in comparison with the initial plan of achievement and deliverables.

Progress Management Resources


HR Management helps the company to pick the best Human Resources, develop their best skills and motivate them to stay in the company.

HR Management Resources

Stakeholder Management allows a company to understand which people will be impacted or will impact the project and it helps the organisation in managing them.

Stakeholder Management Resources

Communication Management provides the tool for the company to increase the efficiency of information and knowledge flow.

Communication Management Resources


Cost Management provides the tools to plan, estimate and control the costs of a project, while determining the budget available.

Cost Management Resources

Processes relates to the several actions and activities of a project and their interactions during the project evolution.

Processes Resources

Time Management refers to the processes which allow to manage and control time spent on the project's activities.

Time Management Resources

Quality Management refers to all the practices and activities which establish the quality standards, requirements and responsibilities in a project and it ensures that those are going to be met.

Quality Management Resources

Integration Management allows to identify, align, combine and coordinate the different activities and processes within a project.

Integration Management Resources


Risk Management deals with the identification, assessment and control of risk in a project, in order to decrease the uncertainty and increase the project's possibility to succeed.

Risk Management Resources

Change Management refers to the activities, tools and methods used to identify, asses and manage any changes to project.

Change Management Resources


Purpose People Complexity Uncertainty
Scope Management Resources HR Management Resources Cost Management Resources Risk Management Resources
Business Case Resources Stakeholder Management Resources Integration Management Resources Change Management Resources
Progress Management Resources Communication Management Resources Quality Management Resources
Time Management Resources
Processes Resources

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