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In this page the most relevant, credible and usable resources of Portfolio Management are grouped, graded and proposed following the same criteria used for the ConceptBox.


Portfolio Strategic Management is the management of all the activities and initiatives from a strategic perspective. It ensures an understanding of the associated environment, the alignment of the projects and programs with the vision of the company and it helps developing response to changes and forces which can affect the purpose of programs and projects.

Portfolio Strategic Management Resources


Portfolio Stakeholder Engagement deals with the management of all the individuals, groups or organisation which can be affected by the portfolio activities and outcomes. In particular it ensures a good communication of the portfolio information and the stakeholders engagement in the portfolio decisions and activities.

Portfolio Stakeholder Engagement Resources


Portfolio Management Lifecycle includes all the activities and practices which have to be performed during the Portfolio Lifecycle in order to have successful results. The phases of the portfolio management lifecycles differs from book to book, for the PMI these include: initiation, planning, execution, optimisation, monitoring and controlling.

The Portfolio LifeCycle Resources

Portfolio Governance includes a set of practices, function and processes which deals with the decision making, oversight, control and integration of a portfolio.

Portfolio Governance Resources

Portfolio Value Management ensures that the portfolio will ensure, maximise and deliver the required outcomes and benefits which will add value to the organisation.

Portfolio Value Management Resources


Portfolio Capacity and Capability Management ensures that the portfolio's capacity and capability demands can be covered by the available resource capacities and capabilities of the company, in order to successfully complete the portfolio and obtain the desired benefits.

Portfolio Capacity and Capability Management Resources

Portfolio Risk Management is to ensure that the portfolio's project and program will achieve their objectives and deliver the desired outcomes and benefits. The managing of risk is to exploit the opportunities and avoid the threats. Portfolio Risk Management is to make sure all the components, strategy, business plan and environmental factors are aligned towards the portfolio's objective.

Portfolio Risk Management Resources


Purpose People Complexity Uncertainty
Portfolio Strategic Management Resources Portfolio Stakeholder Engagement Resources The Portfolio LifeCycle Resources Portfolio Capacity and Capability Management Resources
Portfolio Governance Resources Portfolio Risk Management Resources
Portfolio Value Management Resources

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