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Welcome to 42433 - Advanced Engineering Project, Program and Portfolio Management and thank you for your interest!


Please add a couple of categories to your page, at least consider if the page falls into the category of

  • Project Management
  • Program Management, or
  • Portfolio Management

and whether it relates to

  • Purpose,
  • People,
  • Complexity, or
  • Uncertainty

other categories could also be

  • Lean program management,
  • Systems Engineering,
  • Agility,
  • ...

You can add categories to your page by typing in [[Category:''category name'']] e.g. [[Category:Program Management]].


Wishlists from Christian and Josef

You can find some suggested topics on Christian's and Josef's Topic Wishlist. These are just suggestions - there are no bonus points for picking a topic off our list.

Instructions for creating groups tool overview as Wiki

Link to Articles

On the following pages you will find an overview table with contributions for each year / course instance:

Current year

Former years


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Go to Help or follow the link in the navigation bar to find instructions on basic configurations

Getting started

The followin links can help you some of the settings available - otherwise google your issue and write mediawiki, this will also results in a lot of hits on how to do different things

Create a Page

To create a page follow these steps: 1. Write the potential name of your page in the search box in the upper right hand corner 2. Press go 3a. If the page does not exist press the link to create the page 3b. If the page does exist have a look at the page,

  • If the topic is what you wanted to write about, talk to Christian or Josef
  • If the page is not the topic you wanted to cover design a new name for the page and go back to step 1

4. Start writing on the page, if you need assistance for the formatting, look below or go to the Help page

Formatting and adding items to your page



  • Images editing link: Images
    • Code: [[File:example.jpg]]


  • EmbedVideo editing link: Videos
    • Code: {{#ev:youtube|video URL}}
    • Code: {{#ev:youtube|video url|1000|right|Let eet GO|frame}}


  • References Cite link: Cite
    • To create a reference link in the text like this [1] write <ref>[''link/title''] ''Name of link'' </ref>
    • To refer multiple times to the same reference, the reference should be given a name the first time it is used: <ref name="nameOfReference">[''link/title''] ''Name of link'' </ref>.
      The next time the reference is used, simply use: <ref name="nameOfReference" />
    • Create a reference list like this one, by writing <references />
      1. A project management causal loop diagram, Toole, Michael, 2005.
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