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The requirements for the articles written in previous Terms (2014, 2015, 2016, Jun 2017, 2017) were not the same as for Spring Term 2018. Please make sure you read the requirements for your own fall/spring term carefully before starting your wiki article.

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Overview of 2018 Wiki articles

Spring Term 2018 Wiki Articles
Group Number First Name Last Name User Name Link to Article
5 Radoslaw Tyczynski Radoslaw Project Schedule Development
10 Ioannis Papadantonakis Giannis Work Breakdown Structure
3 Konstantinos Terzakis s161563 Programming a project with the CPM
8 Hoda Vazirinasab Agile project management
1 Jens Møller JensMoller Portfolio Risk Management Process
3 David Moya Perrino David Moya Perrino Risk Management in Renewable Energy Projects
3 Sofie Melchior Karlson s133606 Belbin's team roles
10 Jan Talas jantalas Roles and responsibilities in project team
13 Sebastian Graff Daugaard Daugaard Dealing with conflict in project management
8 Nikolaj Justsen s123742 Vico in digital environment
2 Mehdi Abounnasr s176504 Automated project monitoring methods
9 Briet Hjaltalin Briet The Framework of Project Governance
9 Jonas Heiberg Larsen JonasHL Risk Management Overview
13 Kornpong Mahitthiburin Akorno Financial appraisal of project proposals
7 Gudmundur Hermannsson gudmundur Project Scope Management
9 Ína Salome Sturludóttir Ina Project scope statement
11 Kevinth Balasubramaniam Kxviinth Post-Project Review
11 Davide Sartori DSartori Hoshin Kanri
11 Julia Hoesel s172365 Design thinking
2 Baptiste Hubert BaptisteH Project Life Cycle in Industrial Engineering
8 Mint Rasmussen s133819 Risk Management in Construction Projects
11 Vincent Oriot s172793 Project sponsor
11 Torbjørn Aleksandersen Taleksandersen Virtual Team Management
9 Ragnhildur Ragnarsdottir Ragnhildur Brainstorming technique
15 Anne Dittmann Anne Scheduling: Critical path, PERT, Gantt
1 Julianna Apli s172414 Ideation tools
9 Hildur Gudmundsdottir S172763 Contracting and procurement
1 Christopher Søndergaard s140234 Need-Based Theories of Motivation
8 Casper Geertz Christensen S136445 SWOT
13 Demir Durovic DemirDurovic Managing multicultural teams
7 Lorenz Sieferle s172691 Agile Project Management with SCRUM
12 Jonas Greaker Sjøen s173562 Integrated Design Process (IDP)
2 Seyed (Habib) Bahrami Habib Uniqueness of a project
4 Jonas Samuelsen Jonas Samuelsen Risk Register Analysis
7 Johannes Eckert Johannes Waterfall vs. Pull Processes
4 Tobias Andersen Tobias Belbin Team Roles
5 Oliver Adam Mølskov Bech Oliver.amb Data Quality Management
2 Ugur Erman Ugur Why, How, What (The Golden Circle Model)
6 Nina Bernhoft Nina Managing groups for high performance
1 Julie Laursen Julie Meeting strategies
11 Ole Schwiethal s172276 Project governance framework
12 Marianne Delp Marianne Choosing by Advantages (CBA)
10 Nanna Basa Nanna Management with DISC profile analysis
4 Christian Pedersen S093223 Communication Management Strategy
12 Lukasz Marczuk s172569 Cash flow & payment milestones
6 Rikke Husum s170446 Coaching - Project Manager as Change Agent
12 Simen Michael Dilling Hjelseth SimenHjelseth Integrated Concurrent Engineering
7 Love Berger-Vieweg s143883 Goal hierarchy or Goal Breakdown Structure
4 Katja Kimmer Larsen Katja Organizational structures
6 Ida Smidt idasmidt Construction scheduling using Location Based Scheduling instead of CPM
1 Walther Emil Eriksen Walther Emil Eriksen Value Proposition Canvas
4 Rasmus Peter Østerlund R4smus Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
8 Daniel Alejandro Campos Rivera Daniel Campos Business Analytics in Civil Engineering Projects
14 Matthew Wells Matthew Wells Six Thinking Hats
3 Ignasi Girones Cadiz s172781 Opportunity research
14 Ellen Trovåg Amundsen ellentam Beyond the Triple Constraint
1 Joachim Schou Larsen Joachim Schou Larsen Power, politics and stakeholder management
15 Benedek Zajkas Benedek Zajkas Agile & Traditional PM cocktail
15 Gustavo Pagliari Valerio dos Santos s176056 Negotiation skills from the PM's perspective
12 Natalia Krygier Natalia Krygier Behaviors in scheduling
3 Argyro Soumpourlou s170073 Cross-cultural Management
13 Andrzej Kubik s172608 Different sides of Project Management Scheduling
2 Lima Parhiz s134639 Value proposition canvas
4 Harald Hersted s145067 Human resource management
5 Sarah Bourdiaux Terp Sarah The Sprint Methodology in Agile Project Management
1 Jonathan Nøddeskov Clifford S142556 Roadmapping
9 Erna Gudny Aradottir ErnaGudny Project Charter
5 Klaudia Edyta Onyszkiewicz Onysz Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
13 Aksel Watson S175507 Managing start-ups in Unregulated Markets
12 Alice Allouche Alice Meetings Management
5 Susan Tyrell Styrell The Role of the Project Sponsor
10 Casper Stroem S172043 Business Case
7 Cetin Arslan Arslance User-Centered Design
13 Piotr Mieszalo PiotrMieszalo Resources loading, leveling and crashing
6 Mads Grøndal s123666 Value Analysis
6 Emma Balstrup Klinke Hansen s134181 Kotter's 8-Step Change Model as a tool in Program Management
8 David Baldursson s162284 Risk responses
3 Nikoleta Kolitsopoulou-Maridaki Nikoletta Roles and responsibilities of program manager
7 Magnus Held s133656 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in Various Project Stages
7 Lars From-Hansen s133654 Brainstorming as a risk identification method
13 Iga Cichecka s172607 Feasibility Analysis
5 Hafsteinn Thor Gudjonsson Hafsteinnthor Analytic Hierarchy Process
10 Ana Torrijos s173143 Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)
14 Marie Totland s171379 Lencioni’s pyramid of team dysfunctions
6 Malthe Muff Malthemuff Lean Project Management tools
15 Maria Mamasoula Marianna89 Future workshop method
14 Kasper Løwe Olsen Kasperloewe Work Breakdown Structure in Construction Management
14 Cathrine Fay Aasenden C.Fay Negotiating successfully
15 Alexander Baizanos Alexbaizanos Optimism bias, strategic misinterpretation and reference class forecasting
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