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  • ...would often be a good idea for a company to use Lean as project management tool, in order to maintain their competitiveness. ... will take a look at pros and cons when using Lean as a project management tool.
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  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a project management tool which focuses on the design phase in a construction process. In short it is ...ork. The BIM’s are an essential part of the mentioned project management tool Virtual Design in Construction where a digital 3D model is created enabling
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  • ...o keep track of all activities that needs to be performed. The most common tool is the Gantt Chart because of its simplicity and easy application to any pr ...roject management but also what challenges and limitation there are to the tool.
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  • ...t management. Despite the benefits, the use of BIM as a project management tool is still in the early stages of development, and there are still many chall ...on Modelling and its underlying practices are used as a project management tool. The different application areas and limitations of BIM will also be discus
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  • ...ical hierarchy process, AHP, is one of many multi-criteria decision making tool. It can be used both project, program and portfolio management as many deci ...ortfolio management will be shortly discussed. Then the application of the tool will be introduced to the reader in a step by step manner with an example.
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  • ...he LPS tool has an effect on reducing change orders. With that in mind the tool has to be implemented right or no results will show. One of the typical sit Overall the LPS is a tool used in Lean Construction, which has been developed specifically for the co
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  • ... in order to improve future projects. Lessons learned is thus an important tool for any organisation, as it can share knowledge across projects thus improv ...g task of managing projects can somewhat be aided through the usage of the tool, <span class=plainlinks">[ Les
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  • The aim of this article is the description of the Gantt chart as a tool for Project management, the method, applications, advantages and limitation The Gantt chart is a good tool to have an overview of the project regarding the duration of the tasks, but
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  • ...usions. As mentioned before, in this way the bubble chart represent a good tool for reach the balance choosing the right mix of projects. Since this visual tool is basic and simple, the employees can learn how to use it in a fast way an
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  •, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become an effective tool for the Project Manager to reach the desired goals of a project within the ...ill be done by listing and elaborating the benefits of BIM as a management tool/process in correlation to some of the Project Management focus areas, such
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  • named PERT/COST was first used by the US government in the 1960s as the tool was imposed onto the contractors of the <span class="plainlinks">[https://e ...tors makes it an objective tool which can be utilised in any scenario. The tool '''EVA''' is the fundamental element in the so called <span class="plainlin
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  • [[Category:Tool]][[Category:Visual tools‏‎]][[Category:Resources]] ...week (virtual resource management tool)''' is an online project management tool, especially useful for time-sensitive and calendar-based projects.<ref name
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  • ...tion Models (BIM) on the construction site as communication and management tool. First the current situation of the industry and the level of implementatio ...AEC industry by functioning as a communication, management and information tool. The difference in approach between the traditional and new approach is vis
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  • on how to use the BIM software Vico Office (VO) as a project management tool, in a given construction project.
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  • =Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model as a tool for managing change in a program= Because it is a tool used top-down it is suited for programs having a hierarchical structure and
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  • ...uage even the unprofessional clients can understand it. BIM will act as a tool for managing the construction and design projects in industries since 70th. ...t management. Despite the benefits, the use of BIM as a project management tool is still in the early stages of development, and there are still many chall
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  • ... when the objectives of a project are being defined. SMART is an effective tool for managers in the initial phases of a project. The goals help in providin SMART goals are a significant tool for a manager to use, as clearly defined goals will make work more reliable
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  • This article will shed a light on a management tool called the Double Diamond process. The Double Diamond process covers a wide ...em is the actual root of the problem. And this is where the Double Diamond tool will come in handy.
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  • ...provement of an Engineering System or its new development. A commonly used tool in this stage is the [[SWOT analysis]] in order to pinpoint weaknesses or o R. Ecodesign Pilot – Product-Investigation, Learning and Optimisation-Tool for Sustainable Product Development, Kluwer Academic Pubishers, Dordrecht (
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  • ...m (LPDS) developed by Lean Construction Institute. An introduction to this tool follows below.
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  • ... but the concept can also be applied to benefit in Project-management as a tool to help a group into more critical thinking in order to achieve better resu Another proposed use for constructive criticism in project management is as a tool for conflict management. If used correctly with people the instructor knows
    23 KB (3,592 words) - 11:29, 20 December 2018
  • ...pecific tools and behaviors. One of the tools is called Just-in-time. This tool is especially used within traders or suppliers of specific products. By us The same goes for Just-in-time. This is also a tool that wont give any rewarding effect in the consulting companies. In contras
    20 KB (3,113 words) - 22:57, 28 February 2021
  • ... of the dynamics in the CLD, the project managers can use it as a decision tool and be aware of where to place their effort in the complex system to reach The tool can be used in all systems, but especially proves beneficial in complex pro
    21 KB (3,443 words) - 12:01, 20 December 2018
  • ...rocess of identifying stakeholder concerns and thereby obtaining an easier tool for solving issues. The prioritisation of the stakeholders is a key outcome external influences in the environment. Buffering can also be used as a tool for stakeholder integration, and attempts to create close relations with re
    27 KB (3,921 words) - 12:34, 20 December 2018
  • ...rging stakeholders can be a difficult process, when a specific stakeholder tool has been chosen, especially if the specific model does not apply for the ne From this a stakeholder analysis has to be a more dynamic tool and recognise that not only the identified stakeholders are important, but
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  • The Cynefin framework can be used in projects as a [[sense-making tool]] and as a common language for dealing with complexity<ref name="HBR"/><ref
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  • As a tool for combining all the above mentioned elements in the analysis, a stakehold ...erent essential parameters and enables one to compare them. This creates a tool that can be used to determine the level of support, predict behaviours and
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  • ...ttp:// Bubble Chart] is used as a visual tool to support the decision making in [ ... of the tool and its uses in practice and further raises the question if a tool as simplistic as the bubble chart can add real support to the decision maki
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  • In a similar way, every method, tool or technique commented throughout this article is better suited for specifi
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  • ...e="Delphi">Rowe and Wright (1999): ''The Delphi technique as a forecasting tool: issues and analysis.'' International Journal of Forecasting.</ref> ...where the areas of actions are identified. This is a popular and versatile tool, but a lot of subjective decisions are involved at each step. Therefore SWO
    20 KB (3,142 words) - 12:10, 20 December 2018
  • ...icial for project and program management and people in project groups. The tool can be used to make an overview of communications, stakeholders and flows o .... Kolkman & M. Kok & A. van der Veen (2005), Mental model mapping as a new tool to analyse the use of information in decision-making in integrated water ma
    15 KB (2,424 words) - 11:11, 20 December 2018
  • ...ope of this article, but it is recognized that visualization is a powerful tool to add creative thinking to the standard left-brain logical thinking
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  • ... from stakeholders. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is mentioned as a great tool to determine the required work and is described within the section.
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  • a collective overview of the situation, as an artisan chooses the right tool for the job and produces the individual parts for the product. Using “kno ::FMEA is essentially an error tool attempting to map out the different possible ways for processes, systems or
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  • ...others, brand their PPM software as a leading solution and a best practice tool, able to solve almost any PPM management issue. However, after the implemen ...argues that poor tools are better than no tools it could be discussed if a tool that distorts the result is even worse. This amplifies the need for executi
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  • ...ts in a Lean way. The idea of the article is not to explain a specific LPM tool, but to provide a general framework of how to manage a project based on thi ...oject stakeholders the roadmap for projects. A Project Plan is the primary tool to guide projects to success <ref name="EightPrinciples">.</ref>. It provid
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  • In this regard, '''program management''' can serve as an effective tool for managing organisational change. With its comprehensive toolbox of evalu ...odel_as_a_tool_in_Program_Management'' ''Kotter's 8-Step Change Model as a Tool in Program Management'', last visited 03-05-2023</ref>.
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  • ...OTs in a more systematic way than the conventional. The SWOT analysis is a tool that provides a basic framework for situation analysis. It generates lists ... an organisation <ref name=Heinz>[''Heinz Weihrich - The TOWS Matrix --- A Tool for Situational Analysis''] ''
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