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Welcome to the Conceptbox of Portfolio Management, an online resource, special edition for Portfolio management tools, methods and theories. The definition of a Project Portfolio is a collection of projects and/or programmes and other work that are grouped together to facilitate effective management of that work to meet strategic business objectives. Project Portfolio Management is defined as a dynamic decision process, which constantly updates and revises active projects.

The concepts are organized in the following table, and are diversified through their influence area. This page is mostly oriented for project, program and portfolio management information-seekers students or advanced project practitioners.

Table 1.-Project aspect:PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT
Enabler Content
Portfolio Management Success criteria
Application aspects
Managing Uncertainty
Best Practices for Project Portfolio Selection A product rationalization project part of a portfolio optimization program Challenges and Execution of Innovation Portfolio Management
Project Evaluation and Selection for the Formation of the Optimal Portfolio Portfolio Management using the BCG-Matrix Bubble diagram in portfolio management
Balanced Scorecard in Project Portfolio Management Project Prioritization in Portfolio Management using Quality Function Deployment Risk management in project portfolios
Valuation methods in Project Portfolio Optimization - Focus on Real Options Critical reflection on Project Portfolio Management software Risk-Reward Bubble Diagrams in Project Portfolio Prioritization
Application of Balanced Scorecard in Portfolio Management Product development and portfolio management processes at LEGO Portfolio Risk Management Process
Portfolio Management in a Startup
Financial Portfolio Optimization Methods
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