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Welcome to our Conceptbox* - an online resource for project management tools, methods and theories. The content is oriented toward practitioners and students of project management. This light version of the Conceptbox includes central concepts for projects and is organized according to our four perspectives ([1]) on projects:


The extended version of the Conceptbox is available here([2]).



FAST Goals Scoping Triple Constraint / Iron triangle
SMART goals - A Project Manager Tool Project Scope Management Limitations of the iron triangle
Project Charter The work breakdown structure in project management Beyond the Triple Constraint
Why, How, What (The Golden Circle Model) Output, Outcome and Benefit in PRINCE2 Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
Project governance framework Goal hierarchy or Goal Breakdown Structure Context element
Fuzzy Front End Management Project Scope Control Management Business Case


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Stakeholder Management Diversity in teams
Meeting strategies Stakeholder Management Processes in Projects Managing projects in a functional organization
Roles and responsibilities in project team Stakeholders from a dynamic and network perspective Benefits Map
Team Development Conflict Resolution in Project Management Project sponsor
How to successfully go through the Five Stages of Team Development Improve communication with active listening Agile Methodology
Belbin's Team Roles Expectations Management Challenges in cross-cultural project management


Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) Life Cycle Model Choosing between critical path, PERT or Gantt as your project scheduling method Project Management: Cost vs. Price
Benefits of systems engineering Resource-Constrained Critical Path Method Dependency in project management Estimations: Basic Techniques
Scope creep Agile Methodology Earned Value Analysis Reference Class Forecasting (RCF)
Benefits Map Fuzzy Front End Management Partnering Gantt Chart in Project Management
Benefits Realization Management to Maximize Project Effectiveness Milestones in Project Planning The procurement process Financial appraisal of projects
Cost Estimation Techniques for Projects Resources in Project Management Theory of Constraint Contracting and procurement
Double diamond Cash flow and milestone payments Resources loading, leveling and crashing Scrum


Recovery Project Management Ideation tools (Brainstorming technique, Six Thinking Hats) Risk and Opportunities Management
The light at the end of the tunnel: managing challenges at Heathrow Express Project Change order Impact and Probability in Risk Assessment
Construction modularization from a lean perspective Lessons learned Risk register
Dealing with conflict in project management Contingency Reserves Epistemic vs. Aleatory uncertainty
Resource-Constrained Critical Path Method Crisis management Including Risk Management in Construction Projects
Risk Quantification and Methods Management of Project Change Risk tolerances
Crisis Management in Construction Projects (ARTA) Risk Identification Decision Tree
SWOT analysis Management of Project Change
  • Disclaimer: The articles are created by DTU students. As part of the course, students are introduced to knowledge related to IP rights, plagiarism and copyright infringement. Additionally, the articles are a product of critical engagement of students with the literature review, and their aim is to contribute to the Project Management holistic field of science. If you discover any potential copyright infringement on the site, please inform thereof by sending an email to
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