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The requirements for the articles written during Fall Term 2015 were not the same as for Fall Term 2016. Please make sure you read the requirements for your own fall term carefully before starting your wiki article.

Please complete this table with your group number, full name, username and the title of your article.

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Overview of 2016 Wiki articles

Fall 2016 Wiki Articles
Group Number First Name Last Name Wiki User Name Link to Wiki article
09 Aitor Altuna aitor.altuna Knowledge management in projects and organizations
06 Alexander Daniel Marcussen Alm92 Understand best practices based on network mapping
15 Alexander Michel Alexm Portfolio Management using the BCG-Matrix
3 Andrzej Stanek Andstan Recovery Project Management
13 Anika Zandra Alcoat zaac Risk and Opportunities Management
Anne Folkvard Petersen CampusNet Only
10 Arjun Abraham Punnen s150918 Leadership and Managing People
14 Arnaldo Landivar Taborga s122906 Social Network Analysis-Opportunities in PPPM
1 Stephanie Saavedra s150994 Project Management tool: Gantt Chart
01 Artem Chernyshev ARCR Risk matrix
5 Arvin Fattah Arvin Fault Tree Analysis in Projects
4 Birthe Wohlenberg BWO Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
7 Bjarni Jakob Gunnarsson Bjarni Jakob Risk management process
8 Camilla Engstrøm Jensen s093234 Tools for visual management in project teams
14 Camille Bortot Camille.Bortot International Project Management
8 Carl Johan Fokdal Christensen CJ Lean Design Management
01 Carlos Sanchez Garcia Carlos145 Value Stream Analysis and Mapping for Project Management
Chalida Jaidee Chalidaj The Critical Path Method in project planning
16 Christian Haim Raben Christian A product rationalization project part of a portfolio optimization program
5 Christian Lolk Thomsen Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) for Project selection
3 Christian Vindegaard Grønberg Vindegaard AHP as a Decision Making Tool in Projects, Programs and Portfolios
2 Christiane Steenbergh Myrup Chrisitane Last Planner System as a project management tool
06 Christoffer Koza Hansen Christoffer Koza Total Quality Management
09 Davide Paganini davide.paganini Resource Allocation in Project Management
8 Erika di Pietro s155375 Sustainability in Project and Portfolio Management
11 Evdoxia Pertsinidou S151128 Implementation of the project management phases in volunteer NGOs: The case of BEST
Evgeniya Ventsislavova Garkova s160807 The Kaizen – Toyota KATA method
5 Filip Møller Knudsen Knudsen Fmk Risk Management In Construction Projects
3 Frederik Skjoldborg S113430 Challenges_in_cross-cultural_project_management
Georg Maximilian Ruven Schriewersmann Mschriew Reference class forecasting and the corresponding limitations
1 Georgios Nikou Gnikou Critical Chain Method in Project Scheduling
7 Gudrún Thóra Reynisdóttir s124692 Critical-Chain Approach
12 Iðunn Tara Ásgrímsdóttir IdunnTara Theory of Constraints in Software Development
13 Ioannis Milakas-Tsamouras Z4p2od Stakeholder Management in Change Programs
01 Jeanette Garst Johansen JeanetteGJ The use of Gantt chart in project management
Jens Dines Obel Jepsen DinesObelJepsen Logical Framework Approach in Project Planning
13 João Pedro Castro JCastro Integrating Mindfulness in Project and Program Management
11 Jose de Jesus Cruz Contreras ppmex84 The light at the end of the tunnel: managing challenges at Heathrow Express Project
10 Joseph Kurian s150917 Value Chain Analysis
15 Kai-Sören Sokolowski Sokolowski Kai The agile framework Scrum in the context of lean project management
4 Katrine Bager Olesen S113525 The Decision Matrix
10 Line Hye Sun Elmshøj s123449 Lessons learned - a tool for sharing knowledge in project management
15 Magnus Schulz MSchulz Earned Value Analysis
15 Marco Carloni Marcocarloni Bubble diagram in portfolio management
13 Marco Ronzoni Marcoronzoni The Delphi Technique in Project Management
8 Maria Vittoria Onori M vittoria Managing Projects with Earned Value Management
11 Maria Saridaki SaridakiM Building Information Modeling in project management
Marit Moberg Vossgård MAVO Kanban in Project Management
11 Marouana Oulfat Afroukh M.Afroukh Managing Group Development using the Johari Window
16 Matilde Nygaard Pedersen Matilde Nygaard Creating a Learning Organization
Mehmet Cagri Hekim Cagrihekim Gantt Chart in Project Management
2 Mie Louise Elsborg Drejer Mie Drejer VDC as a project management tool on construction projects
13 Natacha Leduc natacha How to successfully go through the Five Stages of Team Development
13 Nicklas Risager Gnoff The Leader's role and how it differs betwen projects, programs and portfolios
6 Niels Christian Kirk Kirk1993 Leading the group
9 Nikolaos Gavriilidis Nikolaos Cost Estimation Techniques for Projects
7 Olöf Run Sigurjonsdottir s150964 How PERT builds up on CPM
6 Phillip Hasselbalch Tjimo Best Practices for Project Portfolio Selection
7 Ragna Helgadóttir S155273 Lean Management and use of the Last Planner System in Construction Projects
14 Raivo Kalderauskis Raivo Kalderauskis Advantages of BIM for time management of building projects
14 Raphaël Lassaux Lassauxr Management of remote project
09 Riccardo Ferranti rf287 Balanced scorecard in project management
01 Rikke Klavstrup Wittendorff RikkeWitten BIM as a Management Tool in Construction Projects
5 Robin Hertenberger RobinH Stakeholder Management in Wind Power Projects
14 Romain Clouzeau Romain Clouzeau Including Risk Management in Construction Projects
3 Rosa Elisabeth Lindqvist Relindqvist Facilitated Work Sessions
2 Sanna Monjezi SMO Heathrow Terminal 5
16 Sean O'Regan OReganS Stakeholder Expectations Management
16 Sebastian Bauer Sebastian Bauer Roadmapping in Program Management
10 Selma Lind Jonsdottir S151176 The Critical Path Method (CPM) in Project Management
05 Sheren Agbarie S163647 The work breakdown structure in project management
4 Signe Skovmand Jakobsen SSJ Visual Project Management - War Rooms
3 Siri Lassen-Urdahl Sirinthon The Chunnel Project
12 Skúli Sigurðsson 30sigurdsson Blue ocean strategy for project management
16 Sofia Griggio SofiaGriggio The Agile methodology and its frameworks
4 Sofie Olesen s104809 Project Management Maturity Model
4 Somar Faraj Hassan Somar TFV-model
15 Stefan Schenk Stefan.schenk Challenges and Execution of Innovation Portfolio Management
5 Stefan Borch Bilfeldt Stefan Risk-Reward Bubble Diagrams in Project Portfolio Prioritization
9 Sveinn Isleifsson Sveinnis Project Quality Management
10 Swaroop Kumar Sahu SKS534 Project Management Triangle
12 Thorgeir Sveinsson thorgeir11 Earned Value Management (EVM) in construction projects
6 Tobias Lyck Bjært Sørensen Tobias Sørensen Stakeholder Network
2 Trine Marquardsen Trinemarquardsen Managing Stakeholders in Construction
16 Wilfried Genier Wilfried_Genier Valuation methods in Project Portfolio Optimization - Focus on Real Options
11 Zsofia Dora Helmeczi s155698 The use of Last Planner System in highly specialised construction projects
12 Jakob Rolfsson s150892 Scrum method
8 Tabea Ramirez Hernandez s152377 Project Management in the Fuzzy Front End
12 Fridrik Karlsson s150948 Scrum an Agile Framework
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