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The requirements for the articles written during Fall Term 2015 and 2016 were not the same as for June 2017. Please make sure you read the requirements for your own fall term carefully before starting your wiki article.

Please complete this table with your group number, full name, username and the title of your article.

To create more lines in the table click Edit and use the following code to create more lines in the table and replace the example text with your own information:

|Group Number
|First Name
|Last Name
|User Name
|Link to Article

Create a direct link by making square brackets ([[ ]]) around the title such as Title

The straight lines ( | ) create columns and the straight line with a dash ( |- ) creates a new row in the table.

( |} ) is only used at the very end to finish the coding for the table.

Overview of June 2017 Wiki articles

June 2017 Wiki Articles
Group number First name Second name User name Link to article
11 Kasper Kjær Rasmussen s133160 Dealing with schedule planning by the Critical Path Method
14 Karoline Bråten S161211 Scenario Planning
3 & 4 Kasper Lykke Wind S160303 Partnering
7 Frederik Trinder Nielsen s113305 Sustainability in construction
9 & 12 Zandra Llamas S161839 Comparison of Certifications for Sustainable Buidlings
15 & 16 Siff Brask S133817 Managing complex and temporary organizations
3 & 4 Ismael Karayem s123679 Time management by CPM and 4D-Planning
3 & 4 Henrik Kristensen s123932 Product breakdown structure in construction
5 Michał Zubala s170060 Forming the Project Coalition
7 Mathias Andersen S133584 Construction consolidation centre
11 Mathias Ekström Larsen S133571 Comparison of Schedule Managing Methods
7 Christian Erik Hartung Hansen s133566 Value stream mapping in construction management
15 & 16 Sophie Bjerg Andersen s121787 The style of leadership changes throughout the life cycle of a project
9 & 12 Silja Tea Nielsen s133558 Quality Control
9 & 12 Joachim Skjærup Bach s133555 Quality assurance methods in project management
11 Martin Fredberg s133599 Application of Dependency Structure Matrix in Time Scheduling
9 & 12 Mathias Jun Nielsen s133591 QUENSH
7 Lasse Hybel s133577 The Just In Time concept in construction
5 Nikolaj Hansen S123388 Competitive tendering
3 & 4 Mathias Jensen s124269 Implementation of the SDGs in the Construction Industry
5 Nikolaj Skafte Koch s133587 E-construction and ICT
6 Alexandru Radulescu s162291 Contractual uncertainty and risk allocation
14 Hildegunn Skogstad s162287 BIM-based information flow during construction phase
14 Camilla Bech s161546 Risk profiles in project management
13 Gabriele Brambini s162264 Risk Assessment in Construction Industry
11 Alexandra Darmaraki s162578 4D-Planning in Construction Management
5 Jacob Olsen s123425 The Future of Project Management with Generative Design
10 Søren Kaarsholm s133575 Earned Value Analysis : A tool for decision-making
3&4 Yusra Alawy s072664 Project Sponsor
6 Vasile-Vlad Bereghi S162275 The dynamics of adversarial relations
9 & 12 Nicolai Engdal Nørgaard S133554 The briefing problem and how to solve it
10 Apostolos Bougas S162469 Financial appraisal in construction
13 Karlotta Thorhallsdóttir S162285 Risk Identification Process
6 Gisle Skuggedal s162259 Alliancing in construction
13 David Baldursson s162284 Cognitive risk management in construction projects
15 & 16 Qi de Zhao S133831 Designing Effective Project Organisations
15 & 16 Nikolaj Justsen Wiki UN Project culture & power
10 Regitza Hansen s113782 Decision making under risk
9&12 Ewa Kunkel EwaKunkel Design for Sustainability in Construction
3&4 Johan Selzer Terkildsen s130036 The Public Procurement Act
Apostolos Bougas s162469 Construction Cost Management
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