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Best Resources

According to our criteria of credible, usable, relevant; this resource has been selected as the best pic for this area of project management.

Title: Portfolio Governance - The Standard for Portfolio Management

Author: PMI

Description: Chapter 5 of The Standard for Portfolio Management introduces the concept of governance in portfolio management. It explains the differences between management and governance, the concept of governance and its guiding principles. Moreover it describes the different roles in the portfolio governance and the design factors of an effective portfolio governance.

Link to the resource: https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.proxy.findit.dtu.dk/lib/DTUDK/detail.action?docI

Title: Portfolio Governance Management

Author: Project-Management.pm

Description: This blog introduces the concept of portfolio governance management. It explains what are the processes within the portfolio governance, it describes the strategy and the guiding principles of portfolio governance and it provides tool and methodology to use in this field. Finally, it illustrates some coordination and communication models and it gives information about performance and diversification of the portfolio.

Link to the resource: https://www.project-management.pm/portfolio-management/portfolio-governance-management/


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