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Best Resources

According to our criteria of credible, usable, relevant; this resource has been selected as the best pic for this area of project management.

Title: Portfolio Stakeholder Engagement - The Standard for Portfolio Management

Author: PMI

Description: Chapter 6 of The Standard for Portfolio Management introduces the stakeholders topic from a portfolio perspective. In particular it explains how to define and identify the stakeholders of the portfolio and it illustrates how to analyse them. Furthermore, it gives information about the stakeholders engagement planning. Finally, it provides different ways of approaching communication with the stakeholders and it describes how to manage this communication.

Link to the resource: https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.proxy.findit.dtu.dk/lib/DTUDK/detail.action?docI D=5180852

Title: Stakeholder Expectations Management

Author: Sean O'Regan

Description: This wiki article introduces the importance of expectation in the stakeholders management. The article explains a series of tools to manage this expectation dividing them in two categories: proactive and reactive. It also provides the field of application, a case example and a template with step by step instructions. Finally, it discusses the limitation of the expectation management.

Link to the resource: Stakeholder Expectations Management

Title: Stakeholders from a dynamic and network perspective

Author: Jens Henrik Lilleskov Nielsen

Description: This wiki article introduces the stakeholder analysis from a dynamic and network perspective. It firstly introduces the current practices and their limits and disadvantages, then it describes in detail how it is possible to combine the social network theory with the stakeholders analyse. Finally it discusses the conclusion of this new perspective.

Link to the resource: Stakeholders from a dynamic and network perspective


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