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Best Resources

According to our criteria of credible, usable, relevant; this resource has been selected as the best pic for this area of project management.

Title: Portfolio Strategic Management - The Standard for Portfolio Management

Author: PMI

Description: Chapter 3 of The Standard for Portfolio Management introduces the concept of portfolio strategic management. The chapter explains the portfolio strategic objectives and how to develop them, it explains the strategic risk appetite and it provides tool such as the portfolio charter and roadmap. Furthermore, it describes the key portfolio components and it illustrates how to optimise the portfolio and how to manage the strategic alignment.

Link to the resource: https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.proxy.findit.dtu.dk/lib/DTUDK/detail.action?docI D=5180852

Title: The Strategic and Organisational Context - Management of Portfolios

Author: Axelos

Description: Chapter 3 of Management of Portfolios explains the context in which portfolio management operates. The chapter introduces the relationships between the portfolio and the business as usual, the portfolio management and the strategic and business planning and the relation between the resource allocation and the portfolio management. Furthermore the chapter describes the link between portfolio management and project and program management. Finally it illustrates how performance management can be used in a portfolio management context. The relation between the corporate governance and functions and the portfolio management is also introduced at the end of the chapter.

Link to the resource: https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.proxy.findit.dtu.dk/lib/dtudk/reader.action?docID=4462746&query=Portfolio+Management%3A+%22Management+of+Portfolios%22&ppg=32

Best Practices for Project Portfolio Selection

Author: Phillip Hasselbalch

Description: The wiki article introduces the best practices fo project portfolio selection: financial methods, business strategy, bubble diagram, scoring models and the checklist. The article also discusses the application of each one of the tool, providing also examples. Finally, it describes the advantages and disadvantages of using these best practices.

Link to the resource: Best Practices for Project Portfolio Selection


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