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Overview of 2022 Wiki Collections

Spring Term 2022 Wiki Collections
Group 32 Nikoleta Tsolaki s212602 The Kaizen Method in Project Management
TAs Example Thomas Giannoulopoulos s192419 APPM Example 2021
Group 8 Daniel Rohrer Hansen s173922 Managing “emails”
Group 9 Andrea Sánchez Díez s202957 Urgent vs important. The Eisenhower matrix
Group 22 Edgars Treimanis s213590 Sustainable Project management
Group 31 William Taul Madsen s184956 Risk Treatment in project management
Group 12 Pablo Leandro Capellari s213666 Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Group 15 Tolga Azgun s220502 Pooled, Sequential & Reciprocal Interdependence
Group 15 Mathilde Dahl s176213 Development Arena in Project Management
Group 19 Matias Earthy-Find s184350 Stress Management
Group 3 Stephen Akabekire Azongo s213057 The magic triangle as a project management tool
Group 19 Wout Jennissen s216914 Porter's Five Forces Framework
Group 4 Sissel Albrecht Kahr s173964 Work break down structure (WBS)
Group 3 Hazal Alawi s180408 The Pre-Mortem Analysis: Anticipate failure before starting a project
Group 15 Teis Johannesen s213561 Reflective practice
Group 9 Berta Viñas s202256 Agile model
Group 15 Christina Qwist Frank s173409 Staging negotiation spaces in project management
Group 15 Sara Kristine Holmskov Eberle s211691 Wheel of change
Group Name: TBD Saaransh PD Kattula s210240 7 principles of Stephen covey for project mangers to tackle risks
Group Name: 47 Jakob Weber Vestermark s175072 Kanban method
Group Name: TBD Jakob Kehler s212691 Post-Implementation Review (PIR)
Group Name: 47 Fie Fredshavn Nielsen s170396 Project dashboard
Group Name: TBD Mathias Christensen s175382 Agile (Adaptive) model
Group Name: Emilie Haahr s175383 Leadship vs Management Qualities
Group 22 Linda Zviedre s213817 Matrix Organizations
Group Name: 4 Casper Stenbæk s183504 Causes and effects of stress in project management
Group name Sarah Naegele S220025 Communication models based on Schulz von Thun
Group Name: Sofie Wallin s173884 Sources of conflict
Group 18 Christian Lund s174330 Evaluation of project success
Group 19 Elias Bobrowski s216056 The Difference Between Leadership and Management
Group Name: Luisa Buchta s216284 MTA (Milestone trend analysis)
Group Name: Frederik Østergaard Schytte s175075 Prioritizing in Projects with Eisenhower Decision Matrix
Group 40 Xenofon Apostolou s202908 Continuous Improvement (CI)
Group Name: The Insifers Periklis Aprilis s212866 FMEA as tool in Project Management
Group Name: Nils Lehmann s220153 Effects of Social Loafing on Team Performance
Group Name: Olivia Mark s175096 Self-awareness in management
Group Name: Paul Schatt s210736 Perception filters
Group 8 Lorenzo Incarnato s220426 Internal rate of return (IRR)
Group Name: 40 Sasa Javorac s210770 Agile way of working
Group Name: 12 Elia Simon s212700 Extrinsic motivation
Group Name: 32 Hamzeh Alrijjal s152941 Eisenhower decision matrix in project management
Group Name: Swann Roussillon s212830 Robust Decision Making (RDM)
Group Name: The Insifers Marcus Randrup s184486 Virtual War Rooms
Group 09 Deepthi Parana Liyanage Don s203116 Net Present Value (NPV)
Group Name: 10 Felix Piepenstock s201828 The Successive Principle for Managing Uncertainty
Group Name: 10 Julian Schmidt s213004 Social loafing
Group 22: MuchManage Gustav Gregersen s153930 DMAIC Projects
Group 42 Simon Widmer s210449 Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
Group 17 Cosmina Oltean s212409 Team Cohesiveness
Group 12 Jasmine Riis Douglas s123367 How stress management improves the effectiveness of the employees
Group 42 Preetham Obla Sampathkumar s213604 Root cause analysis (RCA)
Group 4 Patrick Laybourn s144993 Robust decision making
Group 6 Gudrun Gudnadottir s212950 Risk-based Learning
Group 17 Andreea Bianca Ladaru s202438 Lean principles in the construction industry
Group 15 Lærke Viuff Petersen s163830 Social Loafing in Teams
Group 15 Stine Pagaard Haahr s152100 Conflict Management using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
Group 42 Nachanan Wongsupakpun s210284 Organizational context
Group 33 Guillermo Roig Pitarch s212754 Kanban: a project management framework
Group 29 Magnus Leick s213818 VUCA
Group 4 Freja Ejdrup Andersen s183631 The paradox of project planning from an uncertainty perspective
Group 9 Nongnapat Suksusiang s213572 New Product Introduction (NPI)
Group 31 Eigil Vølund s183887 Risk Treatment
Group 11 Ann Sofie Grube Kjeldsen s184535 Milestone trend analysis
Group 19 Qiushi Lyu s212543 Porter's 5 Forces - A strategic planning model
Group 9 Qifan Wang s212500 The Big Five(OCEAN) Personality Traits
Group 12 Hai Hu s212360 Kano Model: Introduction and Application
Group 32 Tobias Nielsen s220719 Fixed-price contracts
Group 11 Hannah Nissen s184497 Effective teams with Belbin
Group 11 Emil Engstrøm Bruun S180902 Adizes management styles
Group 33 Raquel Galocha S212745 Project interdependency mapping
Group 11 Emilie Rasmussen S184532 WBS, Work Breakdown Structure
Group 6 Telma Sigrún Torfadóttir S212566 How to reduce stress at the workplace?
Group 4 Erlend Thabiso Rømyhr Sehube S212426 Risk treatment for renewable energy developers
Group 11 Peter Birkholm S184514 Gantt Chart In Construction
Group 18 Giacomo Branchini S212987 Sources of Conflict: Guidelines for a Healthy Organizational Environment
Group 33 Paula González S213398 The Big Five (Ocean)
Group 33 Fernando Ramiro Gonzalez S214134 MCDA methods in decision making
Group 20 Magnus Stjernborg Koch S175189 Project Success and Project Management Success
Group 26 Katarzyna Kukulowicz S213042 Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. What does the will to act depend on?
Group 6 Hildur Lara Jonsdottir S212410 The Significance of Cohesiveness in Teams
Group 20 Ziwei Chen S212635 Stakeholder Identification and Categorization
Group 18 Raül Ciscar S217122 Developing a project with the Tuckman's model
Group 18 Giorgio Galasso S212985 Risk Assessment: framework for combining CBA and MCDA
Group 33 Maria Elena Igarzabal Saborida S213206 Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation
Group 32 Aikaterini Deli s212459 The Technique of Value Engineering (VE) in Architecture
Group 08 Jiajing Zhang s212412 The Rolling-wave Planning
Group Isera Sarah Hajaj s153540 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Group 50 Ibrahim Nassrallah s211254 Brain Storming Technique-
Group 29 Panagiotis Bakas s216860 Drexler/Sibbet Model for Team development and project management
Group 20 Dionysios Maroulis s212885 Knowns and Unknowns
Group 32 Gabriela Miti Tsuge Costa s220075 Social Loafing in Projects
Group 32 Helená Evin Cinar s164741 The use of SWOT analysis
Group 3 Pietro Boschetto s213928 Enterprise Risk Management
Group 3 Virginia Stinchi s213230 The Blake and Mouton's Managerial (Leadership) Grid
Group 32 César Delafargue s212834 Design validation
Group 11 Rune Andersen s180642 Creating effective teams by means of mathematical modelling
Group Name: 47 Hannibal Danielsen s154283 Managing SCRUM
Group 20 Kunyi Yang s220027 Wideband Delphi
Group 20 Haeberle François s213827 TOC (Theory of Constraints)

Group 3 Cristiana Moraru s210219 The strategy choice cascade
Group 3 Andrea Gatto s212974 Emotional Intelligence in a Program, Project and Portfolio Management View
Group 19 Maria Bakali s220150 Benefit realization management
Group 20 Iliana Dritsa s210373 Risk management in Transport Infrastructure Projects (TIPs).
Group 17 Stine Bonne Rasmussen s203168 Robust Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty
Group 4 Josep Comas Stokes s212787 Management versus leadership qualities
Group 26 Almaelisa Giovannucci Fernandez s220007 Agile in Project Management
Group 47 Tobias Stabrand s175082 Ishikawa Diagram
Group 47 Maria Kylafi s212860 SWOT Analysis in Construction Projects
Group Name: 33 Alvaro Martin Sanchez s220145 New Hybrid Methodology: Scrumban
Group 42 Kristoffer Zanchetta Klercke s183633 Digital Communication in Project Management
Group 26 Julie Nielsen s163853 The Eisenhower Decision Matrix
Group 32 Marco Lombardo s210384 Agile (adaptive) model
Group 31 Jacob Worsøe s176466 Lead, lag and CPM
Group 40 Chloé Alcalde s212522 Waterfall model
Group 8 Astrid Rørdam s164080 Social Loafing
Group 17 Chris Hammerum s174930 Leading vs Managing
Group 26 Felix Hagen s216283 Waterfall (predictive) model
Group 17 Sonia Guerra Loji s203379 Sankey Diagram
Group 31 Jacob Hedegaard Mortnesen s220123 The Waterfall Model
Group 1 Sigrid Eikemo Thorgaard s186044 Critical Chain
Group 6 First Name Surname s222571 Hybrid Project Management
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