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Overview of 2023 Wiki Collections

Spring Term 2023 Wiki Collections
Group 3 Kinan Rabah s194758 New? / revised? BCG Matrix in Portfolio Management
Group 23 Foteini Pange s222872 New? / revised? Stakeholder and Social Network Analysis
Group 14 Ali Abdul-Ghani s184640 New Value canvas
Group 19 Fritzdorf Julia s226721 New Perception filters in project management
Group 14 Fatima Sheraz s220010 New Innovation Management
Group 23 Papadaki Fanioudaki Maria s230214 New? / revised? Cost build up estimation in projects
Group 20 Manuela Vazquez s222648 New WBS - Work Breakdown Structure
Group 23 Michalis Pianos s220253 New Change requests in Project Management
Group 24 Josefine Rolver s183652 New Managing stakeholders through persona
Group 17 Sofie Heide-Ottosen s193943 New Groups vs teams
Group 19 Nikolaos Kavros s213235 New? / revised? Project Analytics
Group Kristoffer Skjøde Rander s175027 New? / revised? Strategic Misrepresentation
Group 9 Aleksander Moczko s214147 New Satisficing
Group 4 Anna Diedrichsen s193956 New? / revised? MBTI in Conflict Management
Group 24 Martin Sørensen s183676 New Matrix organizations
Group 14 Mohamed Anshur s185115 New Project Success - How do you attain it?
Group name Pablo Andres Gomez s223631 New? / revised? Net Present Value (NPV) - Discounted cash flow
Group 20 Helena Søndberg Svendsen s223135 New Concurrent Engineering
Group 21 Johannes Nicolás Wildfeuer s213244 New When – the scientific secrets of perfect timing
Group 29 Sunneva Gaardlykke s163822 New Eisenhower Decision Matrix
Group 21 Nicolas Stephan S226693 New Diversity
Group 21 Ingo Baur S226768 New Self-Awareness!
Group 9 Mikkel Bjerregaard S184965 New The HEXACO Model of Personality Structure
Group 11 Anton Reiling s222572 New Data-Driven Decision-Making under Uncertainty
Group 9 Mathias Iversen S174750 revised EQ and Leadership Effectiveness
Group X Marcus Christiansen s194506 New? / revised? Project organization
Group 29 Paraskevi Keramari s230249 New? / revised? Hawthorne studies
Group 16 Christian Honoré s175077 New Circular Economy in Project Management
Group 12 Mansoor Samadi s174669 New MCDM-AHP method in decision making
Group 10 Sebastian Christian Harhoff Pieters s184149 New FMEA
Group 12 Lillian Nygaard S174726 New? / revised? The Stage Gate process: A powerful method used for efficient project management
Group 111 Lukas Bonitz s230263 New? / revised? (WBS) - Work Breakdown Structure
Group 31 Francesco Magnani s230227 New? / revised? Boosting Team Engagement through Gamification: Mitigating the Effects of Social Loafing
Group 31 Gaia Sassone s222532 New Applying the Pareto Principle in Risk Management
Group 22 Ísabella Rós Ingimundardóttir s222538 New Personality Types and Leadership
Group TBD Sasha Mantel s222742 New Project Stakeholder Management
Group 23 Julie Hustoft s194359 New The Benefits of Self-Awareness
Group TBD Mikkel Anderson s184230 New? / revised? Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Group 12 Emma Bigum s160048 New Lippitt-Knoster Complex Change Management
Group 22 Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir s223228 New Conflict Mediation in Project Management
Group 4 Peter Aggerholm s170890 New? / revised? When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
Group 36 Hekla Mist Valgeirsdóttir s223229 New Management vs. leadership
Group 20 Theis Rosenkvist Sørensen s195768 New? / revised? Managing threats and opportunities in risk treatment
Group 9 Julie Amanda Busch s190974 New Utilizing Value Functions for Evaluating the Performance of Project Alternatives
Group 6 Martin Fehst s222575 New? / revised? Effective Leadership of Cross-functional Project Teams
Group 11 Eric Vincent Vong s222594 New PDCA cycle
Group 23 Efthymios Samaras s223292 New? / revised? Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)
Group 1 Cirkeline Bräuner s193974 Revised The Role of Program Management in an Organisational Change
Group 2 Hrannar Þórarinsson s222536 New Balanced scorecard: connecting the performance measures
Group 15 Mar Rivera Hedo s222520 New? / revised? The Influence of Psychological Safety in Team Development
Group 22 Thordis Ragnarsdottir s222535 New Strengths-Based Leadership
Group 5 Oriol Solans Ormo s222527 New Sustainability Issue
Group 15 Naïl Mulatier s222590 New Addressing diversity and inclusion in a short-term project
Group 22 Valdís Sigurdardóttir s2223305 New Challenges and opportunities regarding diversity within teams work
Group 12 Sophia Fjeldsøe s184141 New Stakeholder Mapping

Group 29 Miriam Khader s194717 New Leadership styles and development
Group 5 Maria Arrillaga Tarazona s222708 New? / revised? Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
Group 24 Josefine Steinfurth s183648 New Project based organisations
Group 5 Patricio Alejandro Fabro s220269 New Metrics in Portfolio management
Group 10 Jurek Noah von Petersdorff-Campen s222570 New Competency Mapping for Project Management
Group 15 Inke Lindberg s223191 New Post-occupancy evaluation (POE)
Group 16 Ahmet Ibre s222442 New Social loafing in multidisciplinary teams
Group 16 Marie-Therese Guidje s180863 New? / revised? Sustainable Project management
Group 12 Peter Andresen s190517 New Project performance with Value Stream management
Group 3 Annas Jadi s194831 New/ Revised Key performance indicators for portfolio management
Group X Fabio Colombo s212492 New/ Revised Robust Decision Making: better decisions under uncertainty
Group 20 Rune Knudsen s193983 New Task Interdependecies in Projects
Group 24 Mia Hemmingsen s183639 New/ Revised Seven stages of change
Group 1 Christina Kjær s183504 New The 6C Model
Group 21 Jakob Berling s230256 New Successful Teamwork
Group 1 Joakim Cayouette s193978 Revised Forecasting
Group 30 Amalie Pedersen s193967 New Lean project management and its implementation
Group 30 Filip Furbo Enevoldsen s193967 New Optimism bias in teams
Group 23 Nicolai Frausing s175034 New Benefit Realization Management
Group 4 Emma Egelund s171516 Revised Network Planning in Project Management
Group 21 Henrik Svensson s230245 New Participatory Design
Group 11 Luisa Fernanda Salazar Rivera s222401 New Building Effective Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
Group 15 Michele Ferrante s220282 New Safety risk management in construction sites
Group 4 Helena Mladenovski s183367 New Situational Leadership Theory (SLT)
Group 20 Rolf Wollesen s193972 New Burndown chart
Group 6 Gianluca Santinon s222630 New The Rolling-Wave planning technique
Group X Hanna Rakel Bjarnadóttir s223414 New How to achieve sustainable management using ISO21500
Group 5 Marta Santos s226759 New Risk Response Plan
Group 16 Hendrik Stegers s230258 New Communication Theories in Project Management
Group X Jiafei Xia s213084 New Employee Loyalty Management
Group 8 Frederik Høgdal s173876 New Levels of uncertainties
Group 30 Jianan Yang s230033 New Communication Funnel Problems in Project Management
Group 18 Ellen Cathrine Luke s184404 New & Revised Project War Rooms: Physical vs. Virtual
Group 17 Canovas Iglesias Carla s226573 New Stage-Gate Project Management Model
Group 2 Ólafur Þorri Sigurjónsson s222540 New Decision tree analysis
Group 11 Dario Fiorica s222631 New Groups or teams?
Group 10 Benjamin Søndberg s184314 New Top-down vs ground up estimations
Group 24 Kristian Brandstrup s183653 New Adaptation and agile
Group 14 Mads Marum s222620 New / Reviced High Performing Teams (HPT)
Group 30 Jeppe Paludan-Müller s185048 New Feasibility risk assessments of transport projects using Monte Carlo-simulations
Group 5 Rejath Ramachandran s226673 New? / revised? A modern re-think of Fayolism
Group 29 Onur Osman Mustafa s223710 New Resource Leveling in Construction Projects
Group 15 Philip Wiehe Larsen s154259 New Situational mapping
Group 9 Michael Vinther s163490 New Transformational Leadership
Group 21 Alberto Pillon s222629 New Driving Continuous Improvement with retrospective meetings
Group 2 Unnar Óli Arnarsson s222543 New The Role of Due Diligence in Project Management
Group 9 Mateusz Szaryk s213423 New Incentive contract
Group 23 Mariely Sousa s230555 New Return on Investment (ROI)
Group 31 Vinay Kumar Meena s230019 New The implication of ethics in project management
Group 10 Niels Peter Lindegaard s194473 New Risk assessment using Failure mode and effects analysis
Group 6 Nils Hendrik Lange s223634 New Eisenhower Decision Matrix in Project, Program and Portfolio Management
Group 20 Caroline Hellerung Holm s175026 New Resistance to Change Mapping
Group 24 Radost Deneva s230780 New Eisenhower decision matrix
Group 4 Marie Hoel s193960 New The Hawthorne effect in management
Group 4 Carl Bygum Knudsen s193995 New Assessment of stakeholders (analysis)
Group 14 Md Huzzatul Islam Shuvo s222392 New Environmental sustainability
Group 23 Esther Kiara Pattipeilohy s230264 New The Active Listening Technique
Group 6 Lars Ole Holdensen s224931 New Management vs Leadership qualities
Group 11 Ingeborg Rasmussen s22218 New Conflict management using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Group 22 Blomsterberg Gudrun s222534 New Negotiations
Group 1 Thorgaard Sigrid s186044 New Critical Chain
Group 12 Laurberg Emilie s193880 New Choosing the right communication network for your project
Group 2 Smári Steinn Ársælsson s222554 New Cost planning
Group 2 Bjarki Rúnar Sverrisson s222547 New? / revised? Biases in Project Management and How to Overcome Them with the Two Systems of Thinking
Group 25 Anirudh Ram Sriram s220045 New SMART goals in strategy planning
Group 25 Mohamed Filali s212771 New Agile prototyping in construction and project management
Group 16 Pavel Delimarschi s222606 New Nominal group technique
Group 31 Nik Rasmus Meier-Sawatzki s223232 New Effort-Reward-Imbalance
Group 31 Antonia Leonie Kaul s222581 New FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Group 3 Ioannis Marinopoulos s220152 New War Rooms: An Assessment of Benefits, Drawbacks, and Best Practices
Group 31 Alessia Pacani s230269 New Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Theory
Group 3 Stefano Vigato s230253 New? / revised? The Agile Stage-Gate Model
Group 1 Sophia Lykke Anderse s183592 New Critical path vs. critical chain
Group 1 Sebastian Petchkorn Følsgaard s193958 New SWOT Analysis 101
Group 30 Qian Xiao s230120 New Work Break Down Structure(WBS)
Group 12 Rhishihesan Kugathason s193873 New Optimizing a company and it's PPM with a PMO system
Group 18 Christian Bülow Fuglsang s194519 New Micro_management
Group 17 Carolina Valderrama s193873 New Managerial Solutions for Social Loafing
Group 17 Felipe Chacon Cabrera s223298 New The Bright Side Of Bias
Group 31 Marta Kryskow s230230 New The Eisenhower urgent/important matrix
Group 8 Vittorio Sguazzo s214148 New Impact(sustainability)
Group 3 Syed Rayyan Ahmed s220144 New Planning for communication in projects
Group 10 Philip Alexander Østergaard Brandt s164495 New Extrinsic Motivation in the Workplace
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