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Overview of 2021 Wiki Collections

Spring Term 2021 Wiki Collections
Group name First name Surname Student number Article name
TAs Example Thomas Giannoulopoulos s192419 APPM Example 2021
Group 12 Christian Frøsig s175044 Belbin's 9 team roles
Group 1 Oliver K. Vittrup s163754 Top-down vs bottom-up estimations
44 Jeyad M. Baig s153585 Planning Methods - 3 Levels of Project Planning
Group 17 Quoc-Khanh Rose-Marie Therese Madsen s123462 Applying Tuckman’s model for team development
31 Haoxiang Sang s192258 Cost control with statistic tools
Group 31 He Fan s192195 Work Break-down Structure
Group 19 Ángel Castro del Olmo s193246 Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability in Maritime Spatial Planning
44 Abdullah Shams Turkmani s153337 ICT Agreement
Group 17 Jacopo Renzi s210445 Double Diamond in Project Management
Group 35 Helga Sigríður Magnúsdóttir s202027 Network Planning
12 Cæcilie Kortbæk 163873 Double diamond
Group 18 Frithjof Johannes Thiem s202972 DevOps
12 Emilie Winther Schmidt 163884 Iron Triangle
12 Anna Fredgaard s163887 Active Listening Technique
35 Ruben Raes s202029 Iron Triangle of Project Management
21 Claudia Balcells s202939 APPPM Issue Tree
35 Brynja Gudmundsdottir s202030 FAST goals
16 Andrea Pin Morales s205567 The Business Case
16 Lena Maria Thyen s202969 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for Successful Leadership
35 Úlfar Viktorsson s202022 The 4 Disciplines of Execution
16 Moritz Rindermann s202976 Tuckmans model for Team Development
Group 29 Heiðdís Ósk Pétursdóttir s202025 Efficiency and Effectiveness
31 Xabier Martínez de Zabarte s210323 Scrumban
17 Aldís Braga Eiríksdóttir s202045 Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid
32 Jan Otis Ernst s210433 RACI Matrix
3 Julie Finne-Ipsen s153987 Kahneman - Two Thinking Systems
24 Maria Eileen Hubbuck s210444 Risk Management-Identification
11 Alina Barun s202514 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
24 Felix Vinzenz Wütherich s202968 Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
28 Ariadna Ramos s191852 The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Group 27 Jakob Grønvald s164346 Maslow‘s Hierarchy of Needs, Motivation in the workplace
Group 16 Martina Rampazzo s202895 Earned value management (EVM)
Group 2 John Fritz s202967 Learning plan
Group 24 Henning Duwe s210450 SWOT Analysis
Group 14 Søren Emil Kjær s201528 GANTT
Group 23 Mathilde Kremmer Broberg s175074 Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
Group 14 Rune Lykke Høg s165012 The use of the A3 management process
Group 35 Tinna Hrönn Unudóttir s202032 Constructive communication
Group 17 Eva Rún Arnarsdóttir s203214 Biases in Project Management
Group 24 Astrid Skovhus s164499 Getting Things Done (GTD)
Group 7 Phillip Dyrberg s164503 Double diamond: A design process model
Group 14 Amanda Emilie Søborg Berthelsen s154707 The Johari Window
Group 23 Nicolai Mossing Madsen s164515 SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound)
Group 27 Marie-Louise Wolfsberg Schmidt s164417 The Affect Heuristic
Group 4 Erika Marie Strøm s203224 Parkinson's Law in Project Schedule Management
Group 16 Beatrice Ranzato s202887 X-Matrix Hoshin Kanri
Group 9 Helene Waldmann Jørgensen s173891 Lag & Lead
Group 4 Zahra Al-Mosawi s193938 Belbin Team Roles in Project Management
Group 14 William Axel Linderoth Michaelen s153275 Design-Build
Group 31 Jesús Gracia Yoldi s210111 Kanban in APPPM
Group 35 Katrín Erla Bergsveinsdóttir s202026 Contingency plans
Group 1 Cecilie Marie Raagaard Christensen s160832 Work breakdown structure (WBS)
Group 19 Ali Jamal Jomeh s173741 SMART goals: A goal-setting technique
Group 15 Tobias Hyldmo s206658 High performing teams
Group 5 Samah Said s203228 Reference class forecasting
Group 3 Emilie Torp s153320 Goal Hierarchy
Group 3 Victor Nørregaard Schwærter s164745 Milestone Planning
Group 9 Jacob Ammitsøe s173849 Authenticity
Group 18 Anna Bjørn Reland s154556 Choosing the appropriate medium (oral – written – hybrids)
Group 10 Wail Atrari s170706 The Double Diamond Tool: An efficient Project Management Tool
Group 10 Mohammad Abou Hassan s160101 Implementing SWOT
Group 10 Ahmet Akgül s152597 Smart goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely)
Group 2 Amalie N. Müller s173675 Big five personality traits (OCEAN model)
Group 29 Pétursdóttir Stefanía Ósk s202044 Situational leadership - Hersey and Blanchard
Group 10 Abdulahi Hayle Hassan s164691 Stakeholder management
Group 27 Louise Landschoff s165111 SCRUM - A Project Management Framework
Group 10 Sara Alabiidi s164650 The Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid
Group 4 Felix Dressel s202965 The SPALTEN Problem-Solving Methodology as a Decision Making Tool in Project Management
Group 11 Sandra Nielsen s153370 Conflict ladder
Group 11 Lise Munch Nordheim s200400 McGregor's X & Y theory
Group 2 Simon Knutsson s202041 Earned Value Management (EVM)
Group 12 Christoffer Askgaard s165098 Design the team you need to succeed using Belbin's team roles
Group 24 Gaute Bø Aaløkken s202065 Diversity in teams
Group 2 Lukas Tanzer s200120 Kanban
Group 7 Sofie Lundsteen s170285 Creating effective teams with the use of Belbin's Team Roles
Group 14 FIRST NAME LAST NAME STUDY ID Applying the Hawthorne studies to project management
Group 3 Amalie Nordstrøm Nielsen s153272 The seven characteristic principles
Group 14 Louise Damborg Frederiksen s185238 Using Facilitation to Mitigate Bias in a Team Setting
Group 1 Georg Holger Waage s163819 Fishbone Diagram
Group 28 Özgenur Baştuğ s203033 Change Orders in Construction Projects
Group 9 Mads Møhlenberg s173879 A hybrid consisting of Agile and Stage Gate
Group 29 Svanhvít Birta Guðmundsdóttir s203174 Project Milestones
Group 23 Bente Meidahl Münsberg s175068 Gantt Charts
Group 27 Frederik Carlsson s164345 FAST Goals
Group 11 Tobias Rydahl s200471 Using DISC assessment for project team management
Group 7 Mads Støjfer-Hønberg s174303 SCRUM - An Agile Project Management Framework
Group 21 Matthieu Buy s202925 The Five-Factor Model (OCEAN)
Group 18 Astrid Helene Erecius s171013 Choosing communication media for negotiation
Group 44 Zainab Jalal s165491 Work Breakdown Structure in project management
Group 2 Anna Felicia Mai Lindström s202046 Project Status Reporting
Group 28 Alberto Melloni s202894 Pre-mortem analysis
Group 29 Thore Uwe Aye s202746 Quality Gates in Project Management
Group 9 Lydia Tsintzou s193745 SWOT Analysis Guide
Group 28 Kendra Ana Rodríguez López s200182 Choosing by Advantages Decision-Making System
Group 23 Rasmus Engberg s164513 RDM
Group 4 Christine Fryland s153875 Theory X-Y in project management
Group 28 Manas P. Dalvi s210143 Effective Tools for Multiple Project Management


Group 12 Joakim Vollertzen s163947 Extreme Project Management (XPM)
Group 19 Shubham Ingole s200092 Stakeholder Management using Social Network Theory
Group 31 Alvaro Bello s210447 Forecasting and estimation techniques
Group 09 Dorothea Georgiadou s200230 Risk Register analysis
Group 09 Maria Konstantina Papaioannou s195550 Fishbone diagram analysis
Group 21 Kelvin Scott-Fordsmand s174312 RiskRegister
Group 18 Christoffer Friis Hansen s164569 Identifying risk
Group 1 Giulia Zanelli s205701 Earned Value Management - EVM
Group 29 Tinna Dofradottir s203177 Adaptive Project Framework
Group 23 Jonatan Larsen Edry s165499 The iron triangle as an analytical tool
Group 4 Mikkel Walther Hellesen s203227 System Readiness Level Index
Group 5 Yamila Denise Aviles s203409 Agile Release Train
Group 5 Kallina Karamitsiou s202249 Kahneman's dual-system thinking
Group 19 Prasad Jagtap s200109 Communication Management using Service Blueprint
Group 3 Johan Holger Rasmussen s210512 Daniel Kahneman's two systems of thinking
Group 18 Sigrún Björk Sævarsdóttir s200165 The Scrum framework
Group 1 Francesca Pieraccini s206673 Double Diamond model
Group 15 Dionysios Dasopoulos s202916 Tuckman's Model for Sustainable Team Development
Group 15 Joern Appelt s202854 Intrinsic Motivation
Group 23 Oliver Karlsson s165080 Double Diamond Model
Group 5 Victor Soler Fuertes s206040 OKR - Objectives and Key Results
Group 31 João Ferreira s202867 Psychological safety as a key factor to quality and productivity of Organizations
Group 31 Timo Scheitinger s202966 The big five (OCEAN)
Group 15 Maria-Lito Glykioti s151256 The role of Emotional Intelligence in Project Management
Group 15 Hafeez Ahmadi s164137 ISM Principles of Change
Group 18 Marie Elly Ulricke Kristensen s144408 Motivation through Theory X&Y from a Project Management perspective
Group 18 Christopher Burgdorf s154689 Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique (SMART)
Group 5 Ishak Zaaimia s164631 Parkinson's Law
Group 11 Sara Ballegaard Laursen s193723 Organizational Socialization
Group 19 Ali Waleed Abbas s172841 Fishbone diagram for root cause analysis
Group 17 Cecilia Thuy Duyen Nguyen-Cong s184300 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
Group 44 Farah Sabri s164740 Lack of communication in project management
Group 1 Shakila Khan Malik s173780 Risk
Group 27 Asbjørn Martin Kruuse s153470 Chairing a meeting
Group 23 Tummas Dímun Mohr s160129 Project Dashboards
Group 27 Vanessa Clausen s183302 Overcoming small-big projects (Gantt)
Group 09 Emil Ballermann s174393 Parkinson's law and how to manage it
Group 4 Gian Marco Grieco s202893 Parkinson's Law: achieving more in less time
Group 44 Shahad Abdelaziz s122945 Outsourcing
Group 3 Tais Christiansen s165131 Relationship of projects, programs and portfolios
Group 4 Sana Ilyas s192815 SCRUM framework
Group 5 Mia Chrstine Wheitman s206053 The use of Gantt Charts
Group 35 Sigurjón Bjarni Bjarnason s202049 The Work breakdown structure(WBS)
Group 19 Morten Dam Laursen s200364 Multiple Project Management: Summary, Theory and Improvement
Group 29 Céline Engelbrecht Galea-Larsen s147312 Group Development - The Tuckman Model
Group 28 Hazal Alawi s180408 The Double Diamond Framework
Group 17 Xenia Jørgensen s123633 Teams - Creation and optimisation
Group 11 Jonas Bøje Simonsen s154089 Logic tree and the Answer First Methodology
Group 28 Kavikrishnan Balakrishnan s164338 Learning plans for high uncertainty projects
Group 2 Riccardo Pollacchini s192412 Complex Project Management (CPM)
Group 44 Rokiya Ahmed Ramzy s170501 Lean in construction industry
Group 50 Avishkar Anil Vadnere s206513 Strategic Planning using SWOT analysis
Group 5 Niels Tietgen s193191 Microsoft Teams
Group 29 Bastien Haas s202932 The 7 habits of highly effective people applied to Management
Group 17 Jacob Lützhøft Christensen s184113 Lag and Lead
Group 44 Gergely Bordi s213053 Symbiosis of change and project management
Group 31 Alessia Pacani s230269 Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory
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